#RPGaDay2022 Days 22-27 — Character



This week’s questions for RPGaDay all center around PLAYER CHARACTERS which, sadly, I cannot answer, because I spend my time on the other side of the screen. Very satisfyingly so, but, nevertheless…

I thought about writing about a particular NPC, but really, little point in that. Instead I’m going to spend the week catching up on other people’s RPGaDay responses and getting some much needed work done.

I’ve enjoyed playing on the player side of things in the past. I miss it a lot, to be honest. I was always an immersive player. But I’ve not played but roughly two dozen times in more than forty years of gaming, while I have run far more than 500 games alone since the Oak Hill D&D Club was reborn in 2013. How many thousands of sessions have I run since 1978? And if you figure, on average, four hours per game?

What the hell is wrong with me?

Enjoy your Player Character week. I look forward to reading all your responses.

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