#RPGaDay2022 Days 18-19 — Where & Why?



I’ve played lots of places, naturally. I’ve been at this a long time. 44 years this coming Christmas. It started at my parent’s dining table, then the dining tables of many a friend, book and game stores, abandoned night clubs and buildings, Ye Olde Carvers Club, my pallet shack, and online, of course. Thanks, Covid. But my favorite place to play?

Nothing beats an isolated shelter house, surrounded by a thick forest and windswept lake, with a roaring fire going in the fireplace… All theatre of the mind, right? All the atmosphere’s right there about you. One barely needs dice. It’s visceral…

Been a long while since I last played in the woods. Need to give that a go again and recapture some of that magick.



Let’s face it, Dungeons & Dragons is the major player in the industry for a reason. Yeah, it was first, but it also has the stink of the forbidden about it. Maybe that’s a carry-over from my growing up during the Satanic Panic. Some Most of that luster has faded. D&D has been, from my perspective, overrun by the politically and socially active sort, to be polite. The game is changing into something I scarcely recognize. Gone is the danger, the romance, the grit and blood. I can see why so many of my generation have sauntered over to the OSR.

While I love the simplicity of 5e, soon to be rebranded as One D&D, it is AD&D that remains in my heart of hearts. While I may have started with the Holmes Basic set, it was AD&D where first blood was drawn. You never forget your first.

Those sessions, when I was just entering my teen years, were fiery magick. We were making things up as we stumbled along… and the books were such a delight. I still hold that Gygax’s Dungeon Master’s Guide is the best RPG book ever written.

The reality is, however, that my favorite game is that of the imagination. Roleplaying IS the game, regardless of the vehicle in which we use it. Why has ROLEPLAYING stayed with me for more than forty years — because it is collaborative storytelling. And I love telling stories…especially with other people.


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