#RPGaDay2022 Day 5 — Why would they like this game??



I chose DM Scotty’s EZD6 for as an introductory RPG. It’s written for all-ages, with smooth, easy gameplay that works great and is intuitive. The Karma mechanic is a fun addition that allows for greater successes, even when failing. All in all, it is structured to move the focus away from mechanics and toward actual roleplay, which I feel is the most important part in getting new players immersed in the experience.

They are several “rules lite” games that would fit the bill: Professor Dungeon Master’s Eldritch Hack, Knave, or Five Torches Deep, to name a few.

The idea though is to play something simple so the players can react to story and events without worrying over which die when…

To be fair, any game will do. It’s the game master who must make the experience compelling and, hopefully, addictive. Whether they like it or not falls on the GM’s shoulders.

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