#RPGaDay2022 Day 4 — Where Would You Host a First Game?


Where Would You Host a First Game?

Atmosphere is everything and I can think of some amazing venues to introduce roleplaying to someone, but rather than go to the extreme and fantastical, I think we’ll keep this practical and possible.

Two choices come to mind, but I think I would go with Ye Olde Pallet Shack.

Connor and I built our “Mystery Shack” aka “The Bookhouse” aka “The Black Lodge” a few years back and we’ve slung dice in there with our friends a few times.

Well, if you want great atmosphere for a game of D&D or Occult Detective, few places have the ambience the Shack has… and it’s right in our backyard.

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  1. Runeslinger says:

    Love it! Who wouldn’t want membership in the Bookhouse?


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