#RPGaDay2022 Day 3 — When were you first introduced to RPGs?



I have a clear memory of this, thankfully, as I’m short on time today. The year was 1978. I was in Coles. You remember Coles, right? The Book People? They would later be bought out by Waldenbooks, who, in turn were a part of Borders. All now defunct, but then, I digress.

I was in Coles, browsing the fantasy section. Wishing for a new Robert E Howard book (especially one with a Frazetta cover) when I noticed, on the top shelf, a vividly painted boxset of something called Dungeons & Dragons.

Unfortunately, it was well beyond my meager allowance, but I showed it to my mom, hoping she would spring for it. She didn’t. But, a few months later, it was under the Christmas Tree with my name on it.

Thus I was introduced to the concept of the roleplaying game and I have been a champion of the form ever since.

December 25, 1978. Twelve years and almost 10 months old.

— Bob Freeman

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