Mirrorscape is redefining the tabletop experience

Mirrorscape has brought to Kickstarter an exciting innovation in the tabletop experience, by merging in-person roleplaying with interactive augmented reality technology.

ARcana: Augmented Reality Platform is a 3D tabletop map builder and interface that will play well with all the accompanying technologies that are growing out of the latest advances in the cyberverse.

“We intend to grow in tandem with the emerging technologies of simulated reality,” a spokesman for Mirroscape explains. “Something else we’re excited to include is Unity-based puzzles created by the community and using 3D assets that you can manipulate with your hands, or perhaps using geolocation tools to move the adventure outside into nature…”

The Kickstarter is doing well, having funded in less than seven hours, and with a little more than a week left in the campaign, has seen several exciting stretch goals added to already phenomenal value, including spell and weather effects.

With exciting partnerships with companies such as HeroForge (yes, you can port your custom minis directly into the game), Dwarven Forge, Fat Dragon Games, and Reaper, ARcana looks to be exactly what so many Dungeon Masters have always wanted: creating an immersive experience for their players while utilizing technology to enhance that experience even more.

We’re very excited for what Mirrorscape is offering and are excited to support their campaign and we encourage you to join us in doing so.

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