Redmon’s Requiem: Sessions 21 thru 23 — Rime Again at Campaign’s End

Discovering they had been trapped in a fever dream onboard the cthonic Deathwish, the Lionshields regrouped, reacquainting themselves with what had last transpired — the death of the wizard Herron at the hands of their nemesis Dirk Flisten, who had acquired the Ring of Summer Flame. Flisten met a cruel end, however, when he was devoured whole by the Ancient White Wyrm, Gwyneth Whitemane. Whitemane and her consort, the Crescentian Dor’rah, fled out through the underwater tunnel.

Tracking them, the Lionshields came to the surface, seeing a great battle between the Blood Brotherhood and the demon Choronzon in the distance. Overhead, a floating island of ice hovered. This was home of the White Wyrm.

Levitating to the lofty battlefield, they engaged Whitemane and her servants. The battle was fierce, with Nodnal hacking away at its neck (and hanging on for dear life), Kari brought his axe to bear against the Dragonborn and the Wyrm herself, Elrian brought both arrow and spell to bear and enraging their foe after removing her greatest ally from the field, Nammosi kept the Lionshields on their feet with healing spells, and Peron delivered a rain of arrows to devastating effect.

It was an epic battle befitting the end of a campaign marred by relocations, technical difficulties, and covid. As Nodnal cut the Ring of Summer Flame from the dragon’s corpse, The Lionshields were visited by Salazar Redmon, who invited them to a Heroes’ Feast and a place at the table of the Brotherhood, and thus this mad adventure with the Lionshields, which consisted of 35 sessions of Rime of Infinite Winter and 23 sessions of Redmon’s Requiem, has come to an end.

What is next? Two words —


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