Redmon’s Requiem: Sessions 19 & 20 — Fire & Blood

Gaston Delacourt laughed, “You bear my mark,” he said to Kari, “thus do my bidding!” Nodnal called upon the Demilich, Jim Darkmagic, and used a wish spell to remove Kari’s lycanthopic curse. “Fool,” Gaston cackled. “Kari… kill the cat.” The mark was not the curse, but the torc Kari wore to control the beast within.

Nod quickly dodged his friend’s attack, and while Elrian engaged the vampire in a wizard duel, Peron, after casting a sunlight spell to hamper their foe’s supernatural abilities, deftly removed the torc from the prone orc. Nod was able to slip in and wound the vampire and, realizing he was outnumbered, the fiend teleported away.

Peron used a locate object on their enemy’s cloak and the party set out to hunt him down, carefully maneuvering through Salazar Redmon’s lunar manse. Past traps and tentacled sentries, ignoring tempting treasures and mysteries, they made their way stealthily through the labyrinth, finally discovering the cape discarded in a deep crevice.

Sending their foe was near, they portaled into the next room to discover a shrine to Moloch, where the vampire prayed for the release of the Demon Choronzon from his abyssal prison. Nod approached, triggering a magical trap that stripped him of his magic items. Elrian surmised the magical barrier hindered their magic. Nod crept further, provoking Gaston’s hellhounds to appear from hiding. Using the Orb of the Demonkind, Nod connected with Choronzon and wrested control of one of the hellhounds and commanded it to attack its master, but a second hellhound defended the vampire.

Peron used this opportunity to severely wound the vampire, as Elrian once more defended them from magical harm. Kari used the opportunity to hurl a javalin, piercing the vampire’s heart, but as it died, it used its power to unleash Choronzon from his prison.

Nod drug the vampire corpse to his compatriots and Peron chopped off its head and burnt it on the Moloch altar as the Lord of the Abyss Choronzon appeared in its flames. “Peron, you and your companions have served me well and I shall reward you by making you my first acolytes. But first, you must be purified by fire. In death, you will be my loyal servants and we shall turn the world below into a new Hell!”

Surviving his initial assault, Nod once more called upon the Orb. He delivered it to Elrian who gazed into its black glass. At first it seemed barren, after all, it had been Choronzon himself whom Nod had addressed, but now a different scene emerged. Elrian saw a wintered cabin, as an old man leaned forward. It was Salazar Redmon.

“Trap the demon,” he said, “my old nemesis… then, bring him to me. In my treasure room you will find a scroll. Unfurl it and you will find me.”

Doing so, seeing Choronzon bound and sealed within the orb, the Lionshields gathered up their gear and made their way back through Redmon’s Requiem until they found the treasure vault. Opening the scroll, the party found themselves in a frozen forest. A large majestic cabin stood before them. Trudging through the snow, they made their way to the door where they saw the sigil of Salazar Redmon emblazoned upon it.

Nodnal reached out and knocked.

to be continued

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