Redmon’s Requiem: Session 12 — Bark at the Moon

The mysterious woman lead the party deep into the forest and to another cabin, there administering healing and restoration to those in need, particularly Kari who suffered greatly at the hands of the loup garou.

She told them her story, of how she was Avyrll, sister of Amelie Celeste and aunt to Amelie’s child who had gone missing ten years before. She had advised her sister not to come back to Clearwater, not to take part in the festival honoring her loss…

Avyrll had been right. She told of how the Highwayman’s Lute performed, and of how it attracted the loup garou. The Lute fled, by see, but in their wake was naught but death and destruction. She mentioned a soothsayer, a short, wrinkled human woman named Madam Ralpartha, who had been selling trinket boxes, much like those found by Elrian…

But more importantly, she impressed upon them that to save Kari from becoming a werewolf himself, they would have to kill the beast who’d infected him.

Peron suggested they track the beast from the lumber yard, but after everyone had taken a long rest. But first, they asked Avryll to identify some magical trinkets for them. A walking staff was a secret magical crossbow. A plain ring turned out to be a Ring of Animal Friendship. And the pendant and coin? The coin was a disguised artifact… but not just any artifact — It was the Eye of Vecna!

The Hand took immediate interest, but Elrian wrangled control of himself as Avryll hid the Eye away inside a portable kerchief. This she gave over to Nod for safe keeping.

Settling in for a long rest, Elrian had to camp far away from the others because of the influence of the Hand. As he made the return trip, he noticed the woods a’flame. Investigating, he was set upon by a tatterdemalion. He rushed to warn the party, who all gathered outside the cabin, after Peron rescued her from the spreading conflagration.

Preparing to cast a spell, Peron let loose a volley of arrows, disrupting the casting and causing a fireball to explode about the demonic figure. Wounded severely, Elrian added to its torment before Peron finished the thing off with an arrow between the eyes.

Pressing on for the lumber yard, with the cabin completely engulfed behind them, they began to search the encampment. Peron and Kari tracked the loup garou while Nodnal returned to the Vistani’s cabin, experiencing many strange anomalies — phantom touches and apparitions, then footfalls on the roof overhead. Racing out, he saw the loup garou leap across to the second roof, spying Elrian and Peron investigating the place.

Nod signaled Kari and the half-orc readied his axe, calling out to the beast and challenging it to finish what it had started. The werebeast pounced…

to be continued

*DMs Note: These games have all been played via a combination of Google Meet (for audio) and Roll20, but during the session my laptop froze up thus the last hour and a half was done theatre of the mind. It made for an exciting, suspenseful experience. Since reforming in 2013, we had only played one session theatre of the mind, which was the only way we had played in the years previous. It was an interesting throw-back and reminded me of the games we had played in our youth. Well worth remembering: all the technology, maps, miniatures, and what have you really enhance the game, but nothing really beats the experience of just playing in your head…

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