My review of Gobsmack! by Mark Finn

The ever-masterful Mark Finn, author of Blood & Thunder, a brilliant and must-read biography of the Godfather of Sword & Sorcery, Robert E. Howard, kindly sent me a copy of his latest work, part of Kickstarter’s zinequest series, Gobsmack!

If, like me (and it seems, Mark Finn), you’re fond of goblins, you’re in for an amazing treat. Gobsmack! is teeming with everything you could possibly need to integrate an intricate and lovingly crafted goblin society into your fantasy campaign.

While Gobsmack! is 5e compatible, it can easily be ported into any fantasy (or, dare I say urban fantasy) setting.

I fell in love with this book from the start. Sure, it has some amazing art by John Lucas, but it is Finn, whose writing style is equal parts erudite and comedic, who makes this zine sing. At nearly 70 pages, there is simply an unfathomable wealth of information packed into it. And lists, by Crom, the random lists. Everything is there — name generators, personality traits, occupations, and more… You’ll even find goblin classes and backgrounds, compelling histories…

Look, Mark Finn has done Maglubiyet’s work here and delivered the ultimate goblin sourcebook. And he has done so for only $5.

I’m utilizing Gobsnack! in my next campaign. I think, after reading it, you will too.

Mark also tossed me his earlier zine, Monty Haul. I’ll be reviewing that four issue series next week.

Now, enough with the jibber jabber. Get yourself over to DrivethruRPG and pick up a copy of Gobsmack! or I’ll send Plugh Crunchnose, the Crew Chief Chicken-wrangler, over to find out why…

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