Mention (Penultimate) #RPGaDay2021

Here we go. The penultimate prompt for RPGaDay 2021. Bitter sweet. It’s been a great month so far, even with the brevity required on my part. It’s fun to sweep about the internet and look in on everyone else’s responses. September is often spent catching up on some I may have missed…

But we’re not done yet. Today’s word is mention.

It feels I should mention all the men and women who I’ve gamed with over the years, but they are legion, so here’s to the people who sat in with me in my very first game: Bret Freeman (my younger brother, age 9), Darrin Mylet (age 9), Robert Dennison (age 11), Paul Dennison (age 9), Gary Freeman (my father, age 31); and to the group of kids whom I watched play at Redbeard’s soon after, and later joined: Shaun Keenan, Laurell K Hamilton, John Hall, John Fleck, Clark Brady, Steve Congdon, and Brent Smith.

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