The Last Saturday of #RPGaDay2021

The last Saturday of RPGaDay is upon us. So little time left to express our daily love of all things tabletop. Four prompts to choose from. Let’s take a page from David Chapman’s book and address each one briefly.


There were long stretches when I DMed for a single player, my friend Doug. He enjoyed these solo adventures, I enjoyed running them. Taking a page from our favorite author, Robert E. Howard, the sessions were very much in the flavor of Conan. It’s a brilliant way to really get into the meat of an adventure without having to wrangle a herd of cats. As my son was learning the game, as a wee lad of 10, we went on many solo adventures together. It is those games I cherish most.

I recommend solo sessions whenever possible with your players. It affords them an opportunity to really find out how their characters tick… and you learn a lot about their playing style, making it easier to do the pre-described wrangling when the players are all together.


I used to dream about being a game designer and content creator when I was a kid. Now that dream is a reality… in my mid-50s. Never give up on your dreams. You never know when the stars will align.


My favorite thing about RPGs is the “open world”. Anything and everything can happen. If you love to create on the fly, to improvise, this concept is as comfortable as your favorite pair of shoes.


This word goes hand in hand with Dungeon. I love the dungeon delve, but it needs to be approached with more forethought than the old Gygaxian dungeons had. They were merely death traps in ye olden days. I like a dungeon delve to make sense, to have purpose. Those old dungeon crawls were a lot of fun, but they were far too random and ecologically illogical. If you plan a dungeon delve, give it a lot of thought. Make it as real as you can muster… There should be a logical reason for every trap and every monster below.

That’s all for today. Our final Sunday looms.

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