Theory #RPGaDay2021

Day 26. RPGaDay is all but over now. Less than a week remains. Today’s prompts are an odd mix. Let’s skim off the top.

I’ve been DMing for more than forty years. Obviously I’ve developed a few theories along the way. especially in what makes for a great game session. As I see it, the best sessions happen not because of planning, but because simulation, dramatic tension, and improvisation align perfectly. Of course, the story beats need to be there, but the most memorable sessions tend to happen by happy accident. Or do they? When you’re good at improvisation, a DM can ofttimes steer the tension and simulation to force it into being… but the mood of the players, and even that of the DM, is a huge factor.

You have to get out of your head. Leave the real world behind. You have to become immersed. Set the tone. Paint the scene. Unfortunately, this is a lot harder when playing online… but the effort is worthwhile.

I feel that by setting the stage and eliminating as much of the outside world as possible, the simulation and dramatic tension are easier to come by.

I have long posited that RPGs and Magick are interlinked in so many ways. There’s a subject I really need to delve into… another time.

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