Box #RPGaDay2021

Here we are— 25 days into this year’s RPGaDay. Once more allowing fate to choose my prompt and it is the one word of the group that I was least interested in. That word is box, so if I’m going to write in brief, I’d best think outside it.

I suppose the easiest response is to look back at that Christmas morning, in 1978, when I unwrapped the Holmes Dungeons & Dragons Box Set.

While the rules, in retrospect, were a bit dodgy, twelve year old me was swept away by the contents of that box: cheap polyhedrons, the In Search of the Unknown module, and a slender rule book that had everything a boy could possibly need to create endless adventures.

Pandora’s box? Oh, most definitely. I opened it and my world was filled all manner of horrors… and unmitigated joy.

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