Redmon’s Requiem: Session 10 — The Many Deaths of Gillan Grenadier (Plus an Ancient #RPGaDay)

Having revived Gillan Grenadier, the party pumped him for information about the Highwayman’s Lute. Grenadier explained that he cheated the Lute out of “Chunk” Waggins in a card game, then kept him on as an underling. Waggins conspired with Raetka Ralpartha, a purveyor of strange and unusual trinkets, to get it back, double-crossing Grenadier despite a long standing business arrangement.

Grenadier, then seeing that the party had also pulled another body from the spider’s web, rushed over to the trinket trunk and, using the soul weight on a scale he pulled from an inner pocket, raised the halfling from the dead. This halfling then attacked Grenadier, killing him. The halfling took Grenadier’s magical short sword and tried to escape, plummeting into a one hundred foot deep ravine (cue Kari’s clown nose ringtone as the DM was in the midst of the dramatic echoing death wail of the poor unnamed halfling bloke).

Taken aback, Nod, having watched Grenadier perform the resurrection, did the same to Gillan, pulling him back from death’s door.

Meanwhile, Peron cased the place while Kari took interest in a dead horse that Nod would later realize was his undead steed. Stitched into the creature was a satchel with three magical weapons, (two damaged beyond repair) and a glass case with a severed hand inside. Corrosive slime threatened everything within. Peron cleaned the magical hammer that Elrian recognized as the fabled Chieftain’s Hammer, once held by King Arturus of Caliburn.

Kari gave a magic healing mushroom to Grenadier, who crawled off hoping to find a healing philter more powerful. Not realizing what had transpired between them, Elrian also administered a healing mushroom to Grenadier, but this caused a violent reaction as the halfling overdosed.

Gillan Grenadier was dead again and sensing fate’s hand was in this, Elrian left him to his journey to another life in the hereafter.

But speaking of hands… curiosity usually gets the cat, but this time it was Elrian who bit. Examining the shriveled hand in the jar, Elrian used his magical mage hand to free it, but he immediately regretted his decision as the hand took hold of his mind, compelling him to cut off his own hand and put the withered one in its place.

The Hand of Vecna the Destroyer had found a new host. Peron led them out of the caves and the party was forced to slay a Gelatinous Sphere, which roused a band of Duergar. Nodnal cast hypnotic pattern to distract them, and they were able to, at long last return to the surface. They made camp in the barn for a much needed long rest then set out to follow the trail of the Lute.

They followed wagon tracks for a few hours to a small fishing village. Anchored in the cove were three warships, but no sign of the Highwayman’s Lute. As they prepared to make their way down to the village, all of their minds were more focused on the ancient evil that had now taken root in their company…

And speaking of ancient, that’s today’s RPGaDay prompt!

Yes, a random die ascribed the word ancient and, with little time left to spare, let me say that one of the great appeals to me about Dungeons & Dragons as a lad was how very ancient the worlds felt. D&D always had a feel of archaeology about it, traversing ancient ruins in search of treasure. While we’ve tried to expand our roleplaying to be more diverse in story, it’s hard to escape the appeal of ancient artifacts and long lost tales of forgotten lore.

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