Lineage #RPGaDay2021

Twenty days now into RPGaDay for 2021. It’s flying by so fast. Looking at the four words, and with little time to spend on any of them, I think I’ll address lineage.

Lineage is defined as lineal descent from an ancestor; ancestry or pedigree.

In relation to rpgs, all of us who run games often trace our lineage back to two men — Dave Arneson and E. Gary Gygax. But it goes deeper than that. Inspired by wargames (thank you H.G. Wells). Gygax (and Jeff Perren) created Chain Mail, which was in turn used by Arneson in his fantasy game, Blackmoor, which took inspiration from David Wesley’s Braunstein (inspired by Totten’s Strategos and the board game Diplomacy) and Duane Jenkins’ riff on Braunstein, Brownstone.

It was that evolution that gave us Dungeons & Dragons, and further opened the door to the plethora of worlds and genres that comprise roleplaying as we know it today.

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