Doom #RPGaDay2021

Day 13 of RPGaDay. A Friday. Oh, Friday the 13th, you are my second favorite holiday. It’s too bad that today’s prompts are not necessarily Friday the 13th friendly. At least not on the surface. But oh well, let’s toss a d8 and let fate decide what my brief post will be…


As many here know, I love Robert E. Howard’s Conan. The Arnold Schwarzenegger film from 1982 was the first film adaptation, and as a Conan film, well, it was pretty wretched. Don’t get me wrong, as a Sword & Sorcery flick, it’s rock solid. It’s just not faithful to Howard’s stories. Not by a long shot.

James Earl Jones was brilliant in the movie, but like Arnold, he did not portray a Howard character except for in name only. Thulsa Doom, in fact, isn’t even from Howard’s Conan stories. Thulsa Doom was a foil for Kull of Atlantis.

The face of the man was a bare white skull,
in whose eye sockets flamed livid fire!

Thulsa Doom! Aye, I guessed as much!” exclaimed Ka-nu.

Aye, Thulsa Doom, fools,” the voice echoed cavernously.
The greatest of all wizards and your eternal foe, Kull of Atlantis.
You have won this tilt, but beware, there shall be others.

— Robert E. Howard, “Delcardes’ Cat”

What does any of this have to do with RPGs? That’s a good question. Maybe I should have talked about Doom dice in Modiohius’ Conan RPG? Oh well, no matter. I guess there is a stat block for Thulsa Doom in the Kull of Atlantis sourcebook. It’s pretty slick. Maybe you should run out and pick that up. Or even better, grab a collection of Howard’s Kull stories and give them a read. You can stop by here and thank me later.

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