Wilderness #RPGaDay2021

For most, the defining locale in Dungeons & Dragons is, naturally, you know, dungeons, but I always had a soft spot for the wilderness, today’s RPGaDay word prompt. Wilderness can refer to any number of terrains and habitats, but when I hear wilderness I think of the deep forest, probably because I grew up on a farm that neighbored a stretch of woods that I spent a lot of time in as kid.

When I first started playing D&D, one of the first purchases I made outside of the core books was Avalon Hill’s Outdoor Survival. Gygax himself recommended it, listing it as early as 1974. I picked up my copy in 1979 and it was a fantastic study. Of course, someone stole it from my dorm room in 1984, and I’ve been meaning to replace it ever since. I just haven’t yet.

Part of the reason was the usefulness I found in TSR’s Wilderness Survival Guide which came out in 1986. Written by Kim Moran, it took the information in the Avalon Hill game and translated it into the fantasy setting, while addressing more complex terrains.

It’s a fun book and well worth the price of admission.

I leave you with a video from a couple of years back. I’d always intended on delving deeper into the series, but it’s just one more thing I haven’t got around to… Enjoy.

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