Flavor #RPGaDay2021

Day six is upon us and today’s prompt is flavor.

Flavor can be akin to atmosphere or ambiance, and that, for me is what makes or breaks a game session, be it the actual location the players have gathered in, or the tone set within the game itself.

First, I love to play in strange places, be it abandoned old fraternal lodges that are actually haunted, or a campsite with a roaring fire in a deep wood. Anything that pulls the players out of their comfort zone and allows them to even further immerse themselves into the game world.

Of course, that’s not always possible, and of late all of our gaming has been done online.

While establishing atmosphere in game is always a challenge for a DM, it becomes far more difficult online because there is a disconnect right away. It’s hard to hold someone’s attention when the players are in their own homes where they can be distracted by poor audio quality, lagging screens, and the like, not to mention spouses, children, pets, and what have you.

Still, we try our best, because atmosphere — flavor — is everything.

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