Community #RPGaDay2021

I really liked all four word prompts for today, so I took a gamble and rolled a d8, and rolled high for a change, giving me Community to think about.

Oh sure, I could right about various cultures in any number of games, or about the greater community, or even one of the smaller subsets… but instead, I am going to address Community in simpler terms.

I will let this clip, from Community, do most of the talking for me.

The Dungeons & Dragons episodes of Community, which aired from 2009 – 2015, were some of the best depictions of the game to ever grace the small screen, especially the first of them that appeared in the fourteenth episode of the second season.

The premise was simple, Jeff begins to worry about despondent student everyone calls Fat Neil. Discovering his love for Dungeons & Dragons, Abed assumes the roll of DM and the gang, along with Neil and Chang, gather for a game session; however, Piece was excluded from the game and he forces his way in to cruel (and hilarious) effect.

While universally heralded at the time, since then there grew a bit of controversy causing “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” to be pulled from streaming services because of the character Chang cosplaying as a Drow. A small but vocal contingent argued this was akin to “blackface”, which is I personally consider patently absurd.

If you get the chance, I highly recommend it, and its sequel, season five’s “Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons”.

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