Redmon’s Requeim: Session 7 — Green Flame!

Time is short, so a very quick recap of last night’s session:

Facing two carrionettes, the party braced for combat. Then a magical darkness fell over them. In that deep black, Kari felt one of them close on him, it jabbed him with its silver needle. Fighting off the effects, he chopped the carrionette in half, and the magical darkness was lifted, leaving Nod to see the remaining poppet closing on him. They struck simultaneously, and both fell. The poppet was slain, while Nod hovered near death. Thankfully Elrian was able to rouse the Tabaxi with one of the potions rescued from Dalr’s corpse.

Pressing north, the party found an acidic slime trail left by the severely wounded gelatinous cube that Peron had held at bay, but, with the cube now retreated Kari took note of a blood trail leading into the rocks.

Nod discovered a secret passage there and slipped inside, with the party following soon after.

A dead human body, that Peron determined was killed by a pickaxe, lay amongst a small encampment, probably maintained by six figures, one blonde and slender by Kari’s reckoning. In the corner was two wagon wheels, recently repaired, beside a set of thieves tools and a woodworker’s kit with the Highwayman’s Lute logo on the side.

Elrian divined two bits of magic, sourcing it to a copper coin lying near the body and the slime outside. The ring was a Diviner’s Coin, emblazoned with a hawk and kingfisher. As for the other, Peron fished a magic ring from the goop (losing his longsword in the process), then they all leapt past the corrosive and pressed on, finding another chamber with a burial site in the center.

Determining the circle around it was merely ornamental, Nod began to dig. As they say, curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back. In the grave was a shriveled heart in a cracked jar, a preservative leaked from it and pooling on the ground where a severed head lay. A chest sat beside these, and after much hand-wringing Nod finally opened the chest to reveal a human skull.

Magical, it was covered in the runes of the Masked Lords of Waterdeep and the company logo of Acquisitions Incorporated™. Suddenly, Green Flame (Green Flame!) radiated from the eye sockets of the skull and it spoke telepathically to the party, saying it was named James, had been double-crossed by AI in Avernus and they had used his skull as an ashtray. He found himself the property of the Highwayman’s Lute, though was discarded in the grave when he became too annoying for them to take any longer.

James claimed to possess great power, but he would need to regularly be recharged. Kari tested it out and found his experience diminished, but the skull was invigorated. It was determined that the more levels the skull consumed the greater magics it could perform.

Kari advised the party that he followed the slime trail further norther, discovering two dead human bodies and a, could see from a distance, a mining cart at the edge of a deep, yawning tunnel.

to be continued

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