Scenario #RPGaDay2021

Here we are, set to embark on another RPGaDay, the 8th annual. When David Chapman launched this as a way to spread positivity throughout the gaming community, who would have thought it would become the event it has.

I look forward to it every year and am thankful for David and Anthony’s continued stewardship.

This August we here at Bordermen Games are under the gun with some important deadlines to meet over the next 60 days. As such, most days our responses will be brief.

Do not mistake this for disinterest. We love and look forward to this each and every year. As busy as we are, we are taking part…


An interesting word to begin with, with so many different ways to approach it. Let’s put on our Game Master’s hat and start things off right.

What’s the best scenario for running a successful game, regardless of system?

First of all, always be flexible, fair, and reasonable.

But most importantly, a GM needs to aware of their players’ interests. This hard to juggle. People are different, with a myriad of reasons for sitting down at your table. As such, with each player having a different motivation, those reasons will rarely align in a satisfying fashion.

That’s a difficult scenario to find yourself in.

You solve it by creating moments for each to shine, all the while trying to remain true to the setting you’re attempting to breathe life into.

It’s a monumental task, and sometimes the players will fight you, but stay the course, adjust when necessary, and remember, it is near impossible to make everyone happy all the time…

Just help tell the best story you can and if you keep the faith and double down on verisimilitude, you’ll make sone magical moments together.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Gonz says:

    I wish I knew about this two weeks ago! But I’ll for sure join next year!


    1. No crime in picking up now 🙂


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