Redmon’s Requiem: Session 6 — Green Skull

After rescuing Dalr from the well, where he had hid from the swarm of skeletons that had attacked, the party bedded down in the ruined cabin to lick their wounds. Soon after, they began to explore their environs, still sore after the ascension of Nammosi, hoping that somehow she would return to them.

The search revealed two trap doors, both leading forty feet underground — one in the grain tower, the other in the cabin itself. Nod led the way down into the caverns below, after a mishap with the ladder. Elrian slung a rope down and the rest followed.

The cave network was inky black, the stone covered with a dark slime. It was sporadically lit by phosphorescent fungi, but as they crept further into the black, they felt ill at ease.

They finally came to a large chamber with a pile of human bodies in the center, while nearby the corpse of a troll lay, eviscerated by some type of boring creature.

Meanwhile, Peron discovered the source of the slime — a Gelatinous Cube! He kept the thing at bay, peppering it with arrows, and while the others looked deeper, they discovered four duergar armed with mining gear.

Kari, Nod, and Elrian took the fight to them, but Elrian fell during the battle. Thankfully Nod was able to get him back to his feet.

Peron drove the Cube into retreat and the four regathered, realizing Dalr was missing. He was found in a desperate state. In a shallow dead end tunnel, beyond the gutted troll, surrounded by strange petroglyphs, Dalr Garisson was seen talking to a green skull, engraved with arcane sigils. He turned, eyes ink black, with tentacles protruding from his mouth, stretching the orifice to reveal an eye staring out from within.

He fell upon the party, infecting Elrian with the same creature. Nod cast Hypnotic Pattern and was able to secure El’s release from the monsters hold. He finshed the creature off with his vorpal sword as Peron put an arrow through Dalr’s head, killing him. Without a host, the squid-like alien retreated to the green skull, securing itself inside.

The party, fearful of the strange creatures, moved west, toward where they had confronted the duergar. Beyond, they found a collapsed tunnel, realizing it was the mine entrance near the pier, but then, down a side corridor, they discovered something else — a raised dais housing a magic circle, inside of which two carrionettes lay in seeming slumber.

Nod and Elrian devined the circle was a battery, recharging the evil creatures. Nod tried to disconnect the current by disrupting the circle, which did extinguish the magical energy, but then the carrionettes rose and drew their silver needles…

to be continued

Godspeed, Dalr Garisson. You will be missed.

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