Redmon’s Requiem: Session 5 — Tatterdemalion

Surrounding the carrionette, it was Elrian who first noticed that reality was bent. Nod and Kari both dealt serious blows, seemingly fatal, to the poppet, but it kept reappearing elsewhere, laughing from its hiding places. Peron was not amused.

But that wasn’t the full breadth of it.

Elrian took note, as the poppet received its blows, that those around them were disappearing — Alva the Ranger, the barn foreman, the wolf… then the horses tethered nearby were gone, as were the escaping nobles.

They spied their boat, but instead of being stolen and oared away, it was sunk at the end of the pier.

As Nammosi descended from the heavens, on mighty wings that bore her lithe frame, the real hell began.

Kari and Nod pursued the carrionette, while Nammosi, Elrian, and Peron turned their attentions toward the cleric, Cassandra. Praying at one of the scarecrows in the field, she raised an army of skeletons from the cabbage.

Nammosi greatly reduced their numbers with two fireballs, killing the cleric in the process, and Peron was devastating with his bow against them, but Elrian was in real trouble still.

Nod and Kari put an end to the carrionette once and for all and they raced to aid their compatriots, but new horrors took the field, animate scarecrows, near godlike in their power. Things looked grim but they managed to fell two of the wretched creatures, and the third retreated across the cabbage patch and over the fence.

“Mortainne will hear of this,” it said, as it slunk into the shadows.

Then, a shaft of light appeared, and Nammosi was taken once more.

to be continued

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