Redmon’s Requiem: Session 4 — Fire & Water

Peron, Nammosi, and their newfound compatriot, Alva Einhorne, had found themselves confronting a twenty-five foot Wicker Man filled with the skeletal remains of sacrificial victims and an infernal hellfire. The accursed construct unleashed a Fireball that drove the thee of them away from the sacred grove. Alva dove into the nearby river to extinguish the flames, the proceeded to warn those in the nearby barn. Peron climbed atop its roof to survey the surroundings. Nammosi, on the other hand, as she fled alongside them was suddenly bathed in a celestial light, lifting her into the sky where she was consumed by its brilliance…

Meanwhile, in the Extra-dimensional Tower, Nod escaped his bonds and he and Elrian took the fight to Young Onfri and Cassandra, Priestess of the Red Moon. Kari, finally shaking off the effects of the Hold Person spell broke his bonds and knocked Lisabeth unconscious and tying her to the bed. Kari then joined the fight.

Young Onfri was severely wounded and seeing them routed, Cassandra escaped through the baron’s quarters. Baron Onfri himself returned from Banishment once Elrian’s spell was disrupted. He and his son escaped, with Kari in pursuit.

Nod looked after Lisabeth, untying her and trying to calm the situation, but the baron’s escape, previous misgivings, and the mention of the baron’s mistress, Lyssa, led the baroness to escape herself, through the magical portal Kari had discovered earlier.

Kari was outside, wading through the guardsmen that had come to the baron’s aid. Soon, the party were all gathered together once more, with the baron and his guests fleeing for the dock and the Wicker Man marching toward them to attack.

Peron warned that the Wicker Man possessed powerful magics, but after a failed attempt, Elrian was finally able to cast Dispel Magic on the construct. It ceased its march and its fires were extinguished.

The party chased after the fleeing noblemen, but the Carrionette appeared from the trees and attacked Nod. Distracted, the party saw the baron and his entourage escape in the ðrue, sailing south, while the Carrionette, brandishing push daggers faced off against them

And nearby, in a field of cabbage, Cassandra lifted up prayers to the Red Moon overhead…

to be continued

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