Redmon’s Requiem: Session 1 — Discorporeal

Finding themselves a thousand years in the future, the adventurers — Elrian, Kari, Nammosi, Nodnal, and Peron — took the vampire Dalv Lucard’s advice: they slept on it. Knowing that traveling at night was dangerous, they awoke in the early morning. Dalv’s human thrall, Harold Thinhair, served them a slim breakfast of fruit, nuts, and weak wine.

Harold answered some of their questions. Nod brought up Grenadier, whom they had read about in the Lich’s journal concerning magical portals between worlds. The party was intent on returning to their own time, even though it was in the grips of the Infinite Winter. Harold told them the only Grenadier he was aware of was a traveling Mummer.

They also learned that Verningard was overrun by a vampire coven. Dalv remained hidden from them in his subbasement crypt, and Harold snuck out to bring back supplies on occasion. He informed them of the secret door that led through the keep and the party set out to explore this new world and find a way home.

They passed through a guardroom, eventually rousing a sleeping sentry whom Kari was forced to kill. Later, Nod would clean up the mess and dispose of the body, but not before venturing forward and rousing the ire of the ghost of the wine cellar.

Peron, having honed his skills against the undead in their own time, dealt a lethal blow to the spirit and Nodnal finished him off, leaving little more than a pile of ectoplasm on the stone floor. Nod cleaned that up as well.

Elrian had looked to enter the fray, but a mishap in attempting to cast Mirror Image left him in an ethereal form, unable to communicate with his companions. He took the opportunity to explore, eventually finding another crypt and a mysterious woman robed like some sort of priest.

Pressing his luck, Elrian explored the area further, discovering the priestess’ bedchamber. Hoping to examine her desk, he found her notes on the goddess Hekate, but also something else — a soul cage. The bladesinger was bound by her magical trap.

The priestess roused one of the vampires and as they examined the trap, Elrian became corporeal once more and used Misty Step to flee. Unfortunately, he found no sign of his compatriots, and he had a cleric and vampire hot on his trail.

The rest of the party was missing because Nammosi had found what they latter learned to be a gladiatorial arena. Finding some of the combatants secreted away, she freed their lot and wished them good luck as they tried to flee.

Nodnal led them upstairs to the the first floor of the keep, while Nammosi, Peron, and Kari explored the basement level further, discovering a sickening ritual chamber bathed in blood, with benches covered with small containers filled with more blood…

The party separated and scattered within the manse of a coven of vampires? What could possibly go wrong? How are you feeling Elrian?

to be continued

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