Redmon’s Requiem: Session 0 — Far From Home

With Infinite Winter wrapped, Redmon’s Requiem will see our adventurers on the second half of their journey, possibly from levels 11-20. If they survive…

“What is this place?” Elrian asked.

“Why, this little place?” the vampire Dalv said, his eyes like embers. “I call it Vermingard. It overlooks Bloodwash Bay and the Westren Sea, in the Kingdom of Ferrant.”

“Ferrant? We’re on Drakkarsys?” Nammosi said. She looked nervously about.

“In a sense,” Dalv answered, stepping from the crypt where he lied. “A millennia has passed by your reckoning, and the world is far different from the one you stepped from.”

“How so?” Peron asked. He kept his bow at the ready.

“Your kind is long hidden from the world, Peron Dalanthan. Tabaxi are extinct. Dwarves have delved deep into the earth, no more to be seen by the likes of Men. Magic has changed as well. It is far more…dangerous and cruel. Redmon’s Moon saw to that. Oh, we’ve mostly seen the end of the Infinite Winter, that is true, though it still clings to us. The Autumn and Winter months are longer than before, but still, we are released from the crushing weight of perpetual ice and snow. That’s something… Still, Redmon could not leave well enough alone. When magic waned at its lowest, the Occult Detective sought to port magic in from another dimension, to bolster he and his companions’ hold on their tenuous grasp on esoterica, but all he succeeded in doing was to create a portal by which beings foreign to this world sought to claim it for their own.”

“What do you mean, Dalv? What beings?” Kari barked.

“Drakkasys has become a mist-shrouded land, where cruel Darklords vie for control, and all manner of beasts torment the souls of this place — vampires, werewolves, zombie hordes, cosmic terrors, and worse.”

“And where is Salazar Redmon now?” Nodnal spat.

“Traversing the planes, seeking out his old nemesis, Choronzon, looking to make a deal to right this wrong.”

“So, how do we get back to our time? There must be a way.” Elrian eyed the vampire suspiciously.

“The only way back is through. Unfortunately, the magic you brought with you from your time will be of little use here. Those magics will have been consumed. But I know enough magic myself to help you retain a sliver of it. Choose six of your possessions and I will see that they retain their spark. Then, all you need do is explore this world. Of course, escaping Vermingard will be no mean task.”

“Escape Vermingard?” Nod’s hand went to the vorpal sword at his side. “What are you playing at, Dalv?”

“Do you think this a game? Oh good, that warms my cold heart.” Dalv lifted a glass filled with a dark red, coagulated liquid to his lips. “I am bound here, hidden from my enemies. Throughout my keep are the minions of darkness who long for nothing more than to sup on the lifeblood of living beings such as yourselves. As I said, the only way back is through — good luck, heroes. You’ll need it.”

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