The Rime of Infinite Winter: Session 35 — Deathwish


Following the sounds of the dying out of the Sea Wolf’s Captain’s Cabin, the Lionshields saw tentacles rising up from the great crevasse and rending Sahugin limb from limb. They also noticed that while distracted, some Sahugin were using the slaughter to cover their descent into the cave mouth. Following their lead, the party successfully sneaked past the tentacles to delve deep into the unknown cave, hoping to find the Staff of the Magi and the Ring of Summer Flame somewhere below.

What they discovered was a vast underground cave with a ruined ship resting on the sea bottom. But this was no ordinary ship, for the tentacles sprang from its hull, and more tentacles and ragged claws were fore and aft. This was a ship of the damned… And there, on the foredeck, the party saw their target — Dirk Flisten, alongside Amal Zareef and and his young son, Jamal — facing off against Drucilla Herron, Gwyneth Whitemane, and Faheed Dorr’a.

Herron challenged Flisten, but with a word, the rogue incinerated the half-elf wizard, and the Lionshields knew they were in trouble. They had to get the ring. Nod and Kari were quick to assault the thief, calling up their compatriots to join in the fight, but there were innumerable distractions — particularly when Whitemane revealed her true form, that of an ancient White Dragon.

Peron loosed arrows at Flisten from a distance, while Nammosi and Elrian’s spells failed to make an impact. While Nod and Kari did near crippling damage, Flisten slipped away to be healed by Zareef.

Then the dragon attacked.

Zareef was killed, and Flisten grievously wounded. Nod attacked again, but the dragon wanted its prize and swallowed the rogue whole. Nammosi used the opportunity to grab the Staff of the Magi case and head back to Peron, but Dorr’a, who had been hiding invisibly, felled her and claimed the case for his own. He was soon joined by Whitemane and the party retreated… allowing dragon and rogue to return to the surface.

Peron used his magics to bring Nammosi back to them, then joined the others…

Following Nod into the cursed vessel, where the Tabaxi had hoped to find a means to use the ship against the dragon, they found themselves in a vast chamber, far larger than the ship itself. They heard lightning and thunder , and the flash of light from windows below. They were no longer underwater, fully able to breathe in this strange place. There were rows of tables, all candlelit, with books and scrolls laid about. A book on display appeared to be a manifest to the ship they had entered, The Deathwish, captained in ancient times by a scoundrel goblin named Ronnoc Nameerf.

Deeper into the chamber, Nod came upon a crypt surrounded by a magic circle. Elrian recognized it as a protection against magical detection. Then the crypt slid open and the vampire Dalv Lucard rose up to greet them.

From him, they learned they were in a keep, on the isle of Drakkarsys, in the Kingdom of Ferrant, some one thousand years in the future. Their adversaries were long dead. The Infinite Winter was winding down, with longer autumns and winters, but with the promise of spring, however short.

There had been many changes. What few elves who survived the Ring of Summer Flame were in hiding. The dwarves had delved deep, away from the surface. Magic was forever changed, in strange and wondrous ways. But most of all, a darkness had settled on the land, not long after Salazar had left for the Abyssal Planes in his ongoing conflict with dread Choronzon…

The Rime of Infinite Winter had passed.

“Rest here,” Dalv offered. “There’s nothing for you out there, in the storm and night. Werewolves roam these lands when the Red Moon’s right…”

A new storyline begins, next week…

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