The Rime of Infinite Winter: Session 34 — Sticky Business


Descending toward the wreckage of the Sea Wolf, the Lionshields, and Tack, saw a trail of treasures leading from the ship toward an ominous crevasse in the sea bottom. Discovering a trunk with Tack’s family crest near the precipice, they intently examined it and its contents, discovering, in amongst a sizable sum of coinage, many bizarre trinkets from across Enochia.

Searching the Sea Wolf for more clues (and treasures), the party stumbled upon several Sahugin. Bypassing their lot, they came upon two more of their kind being ordered about by a Merrow. A fight ensued, but they were no match for the Lionshields. Although Peron became gravely wounded by the Merrow’s harpoon, Nod, Kari, and Nammosi freed the elf and dispatched the creatures.

While Elrian made his way toward his comrades, after securing the treasure, Tack, however, was elsewhere…

Tracking the lad down to his father’s cabin, a curious key was found. Elrian recognized it as bearing the sigil of Jace ibn Alhazared. Kari remembered that same symbol being on a curious case loaded onto the ship in Crescentia, and stored in the captain’s cabin… along with a mysterious female spellcaster who had been blindfolded, gagged, and bound.

Tack had found a cell in the rear of the cabin where the woman had been kept, along with his father’s magical cutlass, but when he attempted to retrieve it, the chest that it rested upon came to life and the party found themselves in a life and death struggle with a mimic.

Once dispatched, they retrieved treasures from its maw, then debated what to do next. Their magical potions allowing them to breathe beneath the frozen sea would not last a lot longer, and while they needed rest, there seemed to be little time to do so.

Then a dragging sound caught their attention and they set out to investigate.

to be continued

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