The Rime of Infinite Winter: Session 30 — “Gravity”


A harrowing battle ensued as the drow regrouped. The Drow Priestess struck first, launching Magic Missiles that dispelled Elrian’s Mirror Image and set much of the party on their heels. Two of the hypnotized wizards were revived by one of the Queen’s Elite, who then pressed the attack, eventually felling Nodnal, while Kari confronted the reawkened wizards, only to become ensnared in the Priestess’ Web.

The Queen managed to escape and used the opportunity to raise up two dozen undead warriors from a nearby tomb. Peron and Elrian worked on freeing Velius from his gag, while Nammosi kept the drow preoccupied with well-timed Guiding Bolts.

Racing from hiding, young Jamal, who had been outfitted with healing potions by the now-disintegrated Raben, tended to Nod and got the Tabaxi back into the fight.

But it was the demon Hezrou that was dealing savage blows, unleashing a devastating assault against the party.

Elrian tried to escape, and sought to free Kari, but as he used Dimension Door to fold space around him, Kari was left behind in the viscous webbing.

Velius, finally able to utilize his considerable talents, cast Time Stop, but for only fleeting seconds. He used the time to free Kari, dragging him clear of the webbing and the demon’s reach, allowing the party to regroup in the southern part of the chamber.

Kari and Peron dealt quickly with the Elite Warrior, then everyone made their way through the south door. Everyone except Kari. As the demon came calling, Velius called for the Half-Orc to grab hold of the nearby cage, then cast Reverse Gravity.

The Drow Queen cast Fly and sped out of the room, heading north, while the adventurers worked on getting Kari back safely, then made their way back through the Drow Quarters and the Queen’s Chambers. Seeing the Kraken had returned, Velius cast Dominate Monster, and the party bolted for the main entrance only to discover the orcs and goblins had fought their way past the Web Wall.

Luckily they were engaged with the remnants of the Drow Queen’s forces. Velius cast Fog Cloud to help mask their escape, while Nod and Peron dove into the pool to retrieve the party’s discarded weapons.

With Jamal in tow, the party raced through the cover and toward the entrance, but the Drow Queen made one more attack. Steeled against her crazed advance, Peron, armed with magically charged arrows Elrian had discovered in the Drow Armory, let loose with incendiary shafts that finally laid the megalomaniac to rest.

Once more out into the open air, the Lionshields, mournful over the loss of their compatriot, Raben Crawfjord, cleared the blocked road and set out once more for Rimegarde. As they road across the frozen landscape, Velius pulled a blue sapphire from his pouch.

“For you, my dear,” he said, handing it over to Nammosi. “This is an Astral Shard. Precious and powerful. Guard it well and see it put to good use.”

He then proceeded to share with them how he came to be imprisoned in the Drow Lair, but that is a story for another time.

As for the Lionshields’ story, there will be no session next week. But the story continues, the 10th of May. Watch for a recap shortly thereafter.

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