The Rime of Infinite Winter: Session 29 — “The Ioun Sphere”


As an army of orcs and goblins sweep into the lair, blocked by the web barricade to the west, The Drow Queen orders the surrender of the Lionshields. Raben escapes south with Jamal as Elrian, Nammosi, and Peron drop their weapons. As they are apprehended, the drow warriors kick their arms into the great pool. Kari slips his weapons into his haversack and Nod uses a glamor to appear weaponless, but this ruse does not last long. As Kari is led away, Nod is falls into the pool.

The party is led into a chamber filled with Ocasta-inspired machinery, converting magical items into magical energy that the Drow Queen is feeding into the creation of an Ioun Sphere, something she claims will rival anything Ocasta accomplished.

Using the Queen’s megalomania as a distraction, Nammosi bound the spellcaster with an Earthen Grasp spell and Elrian, Peron, and Kari pounced on the Queen’s guards. Fighting their way past the sphere, with the Queen hostage, they utilized Silence to cover their escape. Nammosi held the door, anticipating the Sphere’s implosion. It’s conflagration consumed their assailants, allowing the party to continue their flight through a perverse collection of sarcophagi, the dead within acting as batteries for some unknown purpose.

Meanwhile, Nod Misty Stepped behind his attacker, driving him into the pool, then pressed ahead to give aid to a beleaguered Raben. Killing one attacker, then, finally beheading another — the first with his Vorpal Sword — Nod and Raben worked their way back northward, through the secret passage in the Drow Queen’s Chamber.

Both parties entered a temple complex, a massive statue of the goddess Kiransalee looming over them. Nearby, Velius, Nammosi’s patron and mentor to both she and Elrian, was caged and gagged nearby, but before they could react, several drow entered from the west. Nod charmed two of the assailants with a Hypnotic Pattern while Kari cut down two others. A fifth drow fought past the half-orc and rushed before the altar within a magic circle.

The drow conjured a Hezrou demon and Raben charged her, hoping to kill her before the demon fully manifested, but as he entered the circle, his body disintegrated, falling as ash to the floor.

As the rest of the party freed Velius from his prison, the demon roared… The battle had truly only just begun.

to be continued

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