The Rime of Infinite Winter: Session 28 — “A Tangled Web”


Peron and Raben watched over young Jamal Al-Zareef while Kari, Elrian, and Nodnal searched the bedchamber beyond the kraken pool. Kari snatched up some sort of wizard staff and headed back to the others, leaving Nod and El to continue their search. Nod found a secret passage east, but the kraken’s return disrupted any further investigations.

The kraken sentry once again brought a serious threat to bear, but Raben was able to banish the creature. After a short debate, the party pressed westward, past the Ocasta Prototype where they found some sort of arcane construct that was siphoning magical energy from a series of eldritch orbs. They divined that the energy was directed elsewhere in the drow lair, but to what end they could not hazard a guess.

Meanwhile, hidden in a jailer’s cell, Nammosi crept out, stealthily following her companions. She had been on a secret mission, to find this lair and recover the stolen notebook of her mentor, Velius the Sorcerer. As she made her way back to her friends, she spied a drow warrior lurking nearby.

Reunited, she warned the party that they were being watched and everyone prepared themselves for battle.

The drow cast darkness on the adventurers and struck out at Nod, not taking note of Nammosi who had transformed into a bat. While Nod kept the drow distracted, Elrian dispelled the darkness and Kari rushed forward, delivering three devastating axe blows that split the drow’s head in two.

As the party moved out, two more drow attacked and things were looking grim. The wizard among them conjured a Shadow Demon, sending the adventurers scrambling. Raben drew out a scroll he had found on one of the work tables and read the spell therein — Minor Earthquake.

The ceiling began to collapse all around them, killing the two drow, while Kari, Raben, and Jamal were trapped beneath the rubble, and Peron and Elrian trapped behind it, separated from the rest.

Elrian cast a Pulse Wave spell to free them all and the party came together, pressing north and headed for the exit, but in the Drow Queen’s Audience Chamber, the way out was blocked by thick webbing, as more drow entered the room.

Then the Queen, who had been enthralled by divine communique, rose from her throne.

“What have we here?” she cooed. “Flies caught in a web.” More drow began to arrive from the northern stairwell and from the south. “We have much to discuss over dinner, my children… Take them.”

to be continued

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