The Rime of Infinite Winter: Session 27 — “The Lost Boy”


The Lionshields discovered a ransacked wagon with a blood trail leading toward a nearby cave. The wagon was guarded by members of their own merchant guild. With stern faces they entered the cave hoping to find survivors, or possibly to retrieve whatever was stolen from the transport.

Within they found a string of bodies — orcs, goblins, and more Lionshield men-at-arms — all leading deeper into the vast complex. They passed through a guardroom, investigated a profane temple, then came upon a great round chamber with a throne surrounded by water. Upon it sat a drow, in a catatonic state, staring intently into a portal that pulsated with a green energy. They divined that the drow was in commune with Kiaransalee, the Lady of the Dead…

Meanwhile, others had pressed ahead, discovering a strange apparatus created by Ocasta, the legendary wizard and artificer. They found notes, written by the sorcerer Velius, whom had trained both Elrian and Nammosi in Waterdeep.

Elsewhere, another chamber was found with a walkway surrounding a dark, still pool. The Lionshields roused a slumbering kraken to life, and sensing that such a powerful creature was set to protect something valuable, they raced to investigate two doors within the chamber. While Peron and Elrian kept the beast occupied, Kari, Nod, and Raben burst into the first chamber to find a young child sitting cross-legged on the floor.

The little lost boy was Jamal Al-Zareef, son of the merchant Amal Al-Zareef whom the Lionshields were intent on confronting in Rimegarde. Jamal had been living with his mother in Waymeet, but his father sent for him because he was an important clue to discovering the whereabouts of the Sea Wolf, the merchant vessel that had been delivering items from Crescentia to Cold Harbour, until it was lost at sea with presumably no survivors, although Kari was a living testament to that being false.

Taking no chances, they quickly sought to protect the boy. The kraken was still thrashing about, creating havoc, and much damage. Kari burst into the second room, discovering a lavish bedchamber. He quickly absconded with a magic staff then rejoined the others after the kraken had been chased back into its deep hole to lick its wounds.

So much going on. So many mysteries. All to be continued, next week…

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