The Rime of Infinite Winter: Session 21 — Fire & Blood


The Elven Village of Western Kettlebree was the setting for all-out civil war between the allies of House Dalanthan and House Daranthain. As the Lionshields stepped from Tanatar’s lodge, they saw naught but fire and blood.

The battle raged on as the Lionshields joined the conflict, quickly helping to turn the tide, but the fire was all consuming, and made to spread quickly through the fire spells of Nammosi and Elrian. The two helped to rescue their old friend, Raben, while Nod and Kari carved a path to rescue the Lord Scion of Dalanthan, Palant.

Peron meticulously fired into the enemy forces, until a new antagonist joined the field. Clad in dark spider armor, Keldor Tor’urden cast aside Elrian’s Fireball and ignored the burning balcony ignited by Nammosi’s Fire Bolt. The drow took flight, landing a short distance from his target. Marching through the flames, the drow elf drew his magical blade and called out:

“We meet again at last. Once, I walked in your shadow, but the gods favor me now, Peron Dalanthan, Prepare to meet your maker.”

Peron recalled his years spent exploring the nearby Underdark and the drow elf he had befriended. They had traversed the dark places together. Peron honed his skills, becoming a Gloom Stalker, and overshadowing his friend in the process. Tor’urdon’s house rejected him for being inferior to the surface elf and a wedge was driven between Keldor and Peron. Peron set out from the darkness to explore the world south of Kettlebree and Keldor was driven deeper into the bowels of the earth.

It was then the drow vowed his revenge at Kiaransalee’s altar, swearing that one day, Peron would die by his hand.

to be continued

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