The Rime of Infinite Winter: Session 20 — The Devil’s Pawns


Choronzon explained how the lich Thoth-Ayron sought to end the Infinite Winter by creating the Ring of Summer Flame, and of how it was fueled by the lifeforce of elvenkind. But before traveling to Axeholm to craft the artifact, he first created a far weaker prototype, gifting it , with foul intent, to the ruling house of Dalanthan, knowing that to use it would see the elves feed on themselves.

Approaching Peron, he gifted him a gem, as a sort of trophy to celebrate his defeat of Tanatar Daranthain, then proceeded to explain that the lich was secure inside a magical aura that surrounded Cold Harbour, and that only unseasoned adventurers could enter the region. He brokered with the Lionshields to take up the challenge, to which they agreed in exchange for a magical boon — each gaining an extra attunement slot.

As the more powerful creatures began to leave, Dalv Lucard gifted Peron with a magical ring that would allow him and his compatriots to locate the undead. It would also allow them to communicate, once they had eliminated the source of the magical barrier.

Nod, meanwhile, chatted up the former Blackstaff of Waterdeep where she divulged that the magical barrier was surely created by the Frostmaiden, a goddess of the north reputed to be quite mad and to occasional insert herself into the mortal world to wreak havoc. Nod appreciated the information, but sensed something off with her, not trusting she was who she claimed to be.

Suddenly, all hell broke loose as several invisible heroes appeared throughout the chamber, all intent on attacking Choronzon. It was a concerted effort by the Blood Brotherhood and the Hellblazers of Waterdeep.

The Lionshields made a hasty retreat, knowing this battle was far above their pay grade, but when Choronzon fell, so too did the magical barrier that contained the Balor in the great Entrance Hall.

Nod and Kari were felled, but Peron drove the demon back, intuitively using the gem Choronzon had given him. Abraxas Silvermane, the current Blackstaff, exited the wartorn altar room and banished the demon. “You’ve but a minute to flee,” he said. “I will visit you in your dreams and grant you a further boon to aid you in your quest. When you’ve recovered the ring, see it into the hands of Salazar Redmon.”

The party fled and returned to the teleportation chamber, where they saw themselves leaving the Abyss and appearing within Tarantar’s lodgings in the village of Daranthain. Peyton Dalanthan and Anlyth Gythanyal had already left for the village, with Peyton bearing the Summer Flame prototype, intent to level charges against House Daranthain and see the Dalanthans restored as the rightful ruling house in Kettlebree.

But as the party moved past Tarantar’s treasure horde, in the distance they heard the cries and clamour of battle. What fresh hell had they found themselves in this time?

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