Lore: The Order of the Black Spire

The modern era Order of the Black Spire was born in the music room of Sardonis Gentari’s Castle Black, given form by the bard Thaddeus Sexton and his lover, Avengelynne Brauchard. An ancient tome from the Gentari Library, that had previously been housed in the Great Library of Gandryll, spoke of the Ancient & Hallowed Order of the Black Spire, a centuries old magical order that created elaborate rituals in the form of operas, ballets, and other artistic expressions, to unlock portals to other dimensions and confer with arcane intelligences, such as the demon Choronzon.

Intrigued, Brauchard encouraged Thaddeus to delve ever further into this rabbit hole of conspiracies and forgotten lore until he was wholly obsessed. She introduced him to shadowy figures who shared his interests and the Order of the Black Spire was born anew.

Following the discovery of snippets of the Song of Orpheus, writ by the wizard Moloquin Grey, Sexton set out to reassemble the verse and use the newly formed Order as a sacred gathering of spellcasting musicians intent on uncovering lost secrets and ancient songs.

Unbeknownst to him, Brauchard was actually Avengelynne Roquelaure, who played a long con against the bard, positioning herself to see her and her family achieve even greater power. She filled the Order with her acolytes, intent on helping to fulfill her ambitions, and she allied herself with nefarious accomplices such as Gaston Delecourt.

The Highwayman’s Lute — Kyrian Wynfell, Stigandr Wulfgarson, and Tiefling Monk — became embroiled in an elaborate mystery and adventure tied up in Roguelaure’s dark machinations, causing them to be teamed up with the infamous Blood Brotherhood on multiple occasions after the discovery of one of three of the ancient obelisks created by the original Black Spire, with their misadventures ultimately culminating in the blowing of the Horn of Infinite Winter that has slowly been engulfing all of Enochia.

Allying themselves with Thaddeus Sexton and Salazar Redmon , by traveling through Time & Space, they eventually found a way, using the Song of Orpheus and the Staff of the Arch Magi, to end the Infinite Winter by siphoning all magic on Enochia and creating a planetoid of pure arcane energy deep in the cosmos. Over centuries, this object, later to be call the Red Moon, or Redmon, would traverse space to eventually take up orbit around Enochia, awaiting for the time when magic might return to the people below.

Of course that knowledge is unknown to the all but a select few. In the current era, the threat of the Infinite Winter is a clear and present danger, especially to the common folk.

As for the Order of the Black Spire? It was crushed by the combined forces of the Blood Brotherhood and the Highwayman’s Lute, but there are certainly rumors that the Ancient & Hallowed Order of legend never went away, but only became more secretive, becoming only a whisper among the most knowledgeable of forgotten lore.

But now, those whispers are increasing… with some speculating that the Ancient & Hallowed Order of the Black Spire have returned, their dark shadow stretching out across the land to snuff out the last glimmer of hope kindled in the hearths of those who call Albatheos home.

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