The Rime of Infinite Winter: Session 12 — Tusk before Dawn


The goblin who aspired to be a god, at least amongst goblinkind, called the Lionshield agents toward what appeared to be a passage tomb carved into the side of the great mound, a standing stone henge circle worn like a crown high above. It was here, in the passage tomb, past a crude wooden door, that the “spelly” anchorite fled. The adventurers followed.

Within were crude cells — pens for livestock and a sleeping quarters filled with small niches adorned with images of Talos, the Storm God of Chaos and Destruction. A sharp rise led to a trap door that saw our weary band to the top of the mound where three anchorites of Talos — two half-orcs and a tiefling — sought to conjure Gorthok, the Thunder Boar.

Taking up positions around the henge, they made short work of the crazed worshipers, but not before the Thunder Boar came storming into the henge circle. It charged Elrian and laid him low, not once, but twice, though Raben was able to keep the bladesinger on his feet. Losing sight on their objective, Peron attacked the great beast and Nammosi, Elrian, and Kari followed suit… while the goblin tried to mount the boar. For his trouble, he was thrown savagely from its back after a mighty blow from the elf sent the boar into a rage.

Nod was frustrated. They had come to capture the pig, not kill it. Thankfully, Kari had noticed that the Thunder Boar had attempted to seek solace from him. With Guidance from Raben and Inspiration from Nod, Kari approached the boar again. Peron reached out and begged the Thunder Boar’s forgiveness while Kari nuzzled the creature, calming it. The goblin cautiously approached and mounted the beast and it welcomed its rider.

“I am a Goblin God,” he proclaimed, “astride my Thunder Pig!” He rode the boar around the henge, gaining its trust. “Come then,” the goblin shouted, “let us go to the Dragon Barrow and I will command my tribe to join me against the spelly witch while you plunder the dragon’s treasures!”

With a goblin ally such as this, what could possibly go wrong?

to be continued

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