The Rime of Infinite Winter: Session 11 — Days of Thunder


Following the power hungry goblin through the pine wood in the crispy mid-morning, the guardians of the Lionshield Coster came upon a forty-foot-wide forest clearing, in the middle of which was a forty-foot-tall oak tree ravaged by fire long ago, its limbs burned and twisted. Tied to the dead tree, suspended like low hanging fruit, were several ghastly dolls, crudely stitched together with coarse hair, twigs, and pigskin.

The goblin said he had seen “spelly people” dancing around the tree bringing down lightning. Raben recognized this as a sign of the Anchorites of Talos, the Storm God of Chaos and Destruction.

Giving the tree a wide berth, the adventures moved toward the Circle of Thunder, a great mound topped by a ring of standing stones. As they moved into the trees, Kari brushed one of the dolls as he made his way into the thickening pines. He could not shake the feeling that he was being followed. The half-orc got Elrian’s attention, and soon the bladesinger caught sight of their pursuer — one of the devilish dolls. They struck out at the ghastly thing — killing it, but discovering it had human eyes and a pig’s heart that still beat even after being skewered on the end of Elrian’s rapier.

This did not bode well.

Nod, who had disguised himself to look like the late Xen Prickett, caught sight of woman, clad in shaman dress, moving along a path just north of them. The party fanned out through the woods, as they discovered the woman was not alone. She was patrolling with a pack of orcs. Peron tightened. These were his old enemies. Not wanting them to get the upper hand, he chose to fire first, loosing an arrow into one of his foes.

The woman called down lightning from the heavens then made hastily for a crude door set in a cave entrance at the base of the mound. She gave orders for the orcs to hinder the attackers and a great melee ensued.

There was much violence and blood, mainly on the part of the orcs. Kari raged, Nod and Peron danced in and out with their flashing blades, Nammosi used twinning to keep the orcs off guard, and Elrian used mirror image to disrupt and attack their foes. While the orcs were strong and resilient, the adventurers made good use of cover and whittled the war party down until a lone survivor fled into the forest.

“The spelly one went this way,” the goblin called out from the path ahead, pointing furiously toward the cave. Dark clouds continued to gather overhead, and thunder rumbled in the heavens as an icy sleet began to fall.

to be continued

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