The Rime of Infinite Winter: Sessions 8 & 9 — Two Hands


Fighting their way past the remaining duergar, the adventurers holed up in the Hall of the Axeholm King, looting the bodies there before splitting up. Raben, Nodnal, and Elrian explored the King’s bedchamber, while Kari, Peron, and Nammosi took the backstair to investigate the upper floors.

Gathering up items left behind following the dwarves’ escape from their infested stronghold, after the inconvenience of a triggered booby trap in one of the chests, they witnessed in a magic mirror of recall an odd scene depicting the Dwarven King and his lover, the Blackstaff of Waterdeep, settling in for bed when a sentry burst in, very animated. As there was no sound, they were at a loss as to what was transpiring, however, the sentry was given a key, the same one as on the dresser now, then Blackstaff and King hurriedly dressed.

There was also a strange exchange with a magic conch shell. Nod listened at it, then spoke into it. “Hello, is anyone there?” he said. “Who is this?” someone replied. After some verbal sparring, the Tabaxi revealed his name, “Nod” he said, to which the person on the other end replied, “Nodnal Cymric?” Nod ended the conversation in hilarious fashion, and the fellows headed off to rejoin their compatriots.

Upstairs, Nammosi espied the banshee in the back hall while Peron explored a side room. The elf happened upon a ghost, a former aid to Vyldara, the banshee. She explained that her former master had been crazed in life, but was even more insane in death. She promised to aide Peron and his friends when they confronted her former master. Peron rejoined Kari and Nammosi and they waited for the rest of the party to join them and confront the banshee.

Reunited, the adventurers set out to battle the banshee only to find her missing from the long aisle where she had been spied before. They crept down the hall, finding a trapped door that put Elrian near death’s door. Raben raised him, then noticed a symbol above the door’s keyhole that matched the bow of the key he had found hidden in a secret compartment of the dwarven throne.

Peron took the key and entered, espying a ransacked treasure room full of broken, golden furniture. However, from the fireplace, a crown-wearing wraith appeared and a battle ensued. Outmatched, the foul creature fled back into the recess of the fireplace. While Elrian examined a gold chest (discovering the skeletal remains of dwarven royalty within), Kari looked about the fireplace. Soon Raben joined him, but they found nothing of note until Nod aided their search, finding a secret door tucked away inside. Nod removed the key he had taken from the dwarven king’s bedchamber. It was a perfect fit. He opened the door slowly…

Inside was another treasure chamber, with a rack of scrolls, two chests, a large aquarium of some sort, and more than a dozen funerary urns… but more importantly, in the center of the room, the wraith was in discussion with the banshee, who turned savagely and let loose with her unnatural and devastating wail — but to no effect. Earlier, Peron had used his sealing wax to plug all of their ears… just in case. It probably saved all of their lives.

Kari and Nod raced in and engaged the fiends, while Peron peppered both of the undead with magic arrows. Nammosi called forth Maximilian’s Earthen Grasp — and using a twinning spell — ensnared both of the fiends. The wraith was quickly dispatched, then Kari, inspired by Nod’s bardic song, and after along series of frustrating mishaps, leveled the killing blow.

Exhausted, the party gathered in the treasure chamber where Nod took note of a curious missive etched onto the trunk resting in the center of the room — Thoth-Ayron.

to be continued

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