The Rime of Infinite Winter: Session 6 — Caught in the Middle


The party introduced themselves to Xen Prickett, a street-level thief out of Waterdeep who had happened upon a tale of treasure hidden in a dragon’s barrow and a map that promised the location of the key needed to unlock the wyrm’s tomb. The map led him to Axeholm, when the key was said to be locked in stone, but six months of mining the walls where the X on the map fell had led him to nothing but calloused hands.

The adventurers decided to trust the thief and they shared thei knowledge with him and together they sussed out that the key must be hidden in the king’s bedchamber. But first, they wanted to see what treasures or clues might be found in the Thulasian Ambassador’s room.

This would not fair well for them.

Inside, two giant spiders descended from the ceiling, and while they were eventually killed, there was a heavy price paid. Prickett died from spider venom, but they also lost Rhaina who triggered an explosive rune that not only killed her, but destroyed anything and everything of value in the room.

With heavy hearts, they took a long rest, then ventured out to find the king’s bedchamber. Their meticulous search brought them through the labyrinthine stronghold to a secret passage that allowed them to slip in undetected, but what they hadn’t counted on was the arrival of the female wizard from Herron House, alongside the paladin, Lady Gwyneth Whitemane, and the roguish Faheed Dorra. While their enemies negotiated with one another, the party found the key inside a stone demon totem, but then, suddenly the doors to the bedchamber were thrust open, and they saw that the negotiations were not going well for the Undead Duergar King.

A duergar had opened the doors in haste, attempting to flee a situation that had quickly got out of hand. The adventurers were dumbstruck as Whitemane shed her human skin, transforming into a white dragon and unleashing her breath weapon upon the king.

Dorra slit the duergar’s throat, dropping the gray dwarf across the threshold of the bedchamber. Looking up, he smiled. “I believe you’re holding something that belongs to me,” he said, referencing the key in Elrian’s hand.

Things just got a whole lot more complicated.

to be continued

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