#RPGaDAY2020: Day 30 — Portal


Almost over now. This year’s RPGaDay Celebration has reached it’s penultimate prompt, and what a prompt it is — Portal.

Portal is a word with so many connotations, so many avenues from which one could explore, but I’m dogged and tired after a long night of hunting ghosts, ironically in a place in which an actual portal between the world of matter and that of spirit exists.

I considered talking about the Forgotten Realm’s Yawning Portal, Rudy Kraft’s Portals of Torsh and Portals of Twilight, or even the various portals found throughout places like the Ruins of Undermountain.

But let us take the approach that is the most on point, that paints with the broadest brush, at least in the context of this examination, and that is that RPGs are a portal to adventure, to other worlds of imagination.

RPGs, and D&D in particular, were the gateway to unlocking my storytelling potential. Before RPGs I created stories in the usual ways, snigglets of writing, drawing, playing with toys, and I was an avid creator… but D&D, which I discovered in 1978 took all of those interests in crafting adventures and synthesized it in a way that stripped away all barriers. RPGs made me a more confident storyteller, helped me to craft tales with more complex structures.

It also gave me instant feedback from my captive audience.

RPGs have been, for me, portals to unbridled creativity.

—Bob Freeman
Bordermen Games

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