#RPGaDay2020: Day 23 — Edge


So, here we are, the beginning of the last nine days of RPGaDay for 2020. It’s been a disatrous year for most of us — pandemic, wild fires, social unrest, and more. RPGaDay, and roleplaying games in and of themselves, have been a welcome distraction from the horrors outside our windows.

And therein lies the beauty and wonder of this hobby and those who partake. Excusing some trollish behavior and activist nonsense, roleplaying by and large offers immersive escapism that, when done right, skirts the edge of magical and heroic realism and game play mechanics.

At the best of times, the game falls away and you take little notice of the dice and stat blocks and all the rest. You are “in the moment”, intent on the battle at hand or the intricate web of deceit played out between political rivals.

That’s why we play. To become something other than ourselves for a stretch, to become the heroes or villains of a wondrous, fantastical narrative, regardless of the game’s genre.

It is a fine line, that edge we walk between this world and that. It mirrors, in many ways, my interests in other things, such as writing, music, and the magical arts. When the game is at its best, the edge dissolves and these worlds become one.

When roleplaying is done right, when everything is aligned, it is an act of magic, the sort one might add a “k” to.

— Bob Freeman
Bordermen Games

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