No Quarter Session 32 — Hide, Seek, & Destroy


The unholy priests descended on the party, calling upon unknown gods of darkness to fuel their foul magics. Jameson hid in the back hall, while Byron, Edmond, Dalv, and Marryn defended themselves from the secret room that Lukard had been imprisoned in. Precision range attacks kept the priests disoriented, and a deceptive ruse on the vampire’s part garnered them a prisoner as they locked themselves inside the cell.

Meanwhile Jamison led one of the priests on a merry chase as he sought another egress. Discovering a silver door, he was unable to pick the lock, thus was forced south into a chamber where a troll skeleton lay slumped against a wall, a mastercraft arming sword sticking out from its ribs. Nearby were the remains of a fallen warrior, its bones and armaments long since decomposed, a Wolfe signet ring the only clue to its bearer.

Interrogating the prisoner, Byron and Edmund, thanks to Dalv’s charm, plied the Overwood noble for information, learning that Algernon Hightower was the high priest in command of this operation, attempting, and succeeding in waking Choronzon, the Demon Lord, in his crypt beneath the Keep on the Borderlands.

Armed with this information, the party set out, quickly felling several adversaries, while others fled. Marryn and Byron made long range shots, peppering the Hightower priest, sending him fleeing through a secret passage, with the party in hot pursuit.

Jameson, hearing someone’s approach, hid within the troll skull, spying Hightower pass through quickly, and overheard the priest meet up with others. Following stealthily, Hunter saw their escape.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party navigated the secret tunnel, leading into a radiant pool where water droplets defied gravity, plopping into the ceiling overhead. Attempting to traverse the narrow ledge around the pool, it collapsed, sending Edmund into the azure waters. Climbing out, Stewart felt healed and refreshed and they made plans to make good use of these enchanted waters, so similar to that which they had uncovered in the bowels of Brigand’s Rest.

After meeting up with Hunter, the reunited party gathered up the zombified bodies of Killian Denwar, Erik Kilraven, and Sean Gray and under Edmund’s direction, the three undead were entered into the pool like a baptismal, and they were raised, whole once more, though weakened.

to be continued

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