#RPGaDay2020: Day 15 — Frame

2020 Info Graphic


When I pondered today’s prompt I kept coming back to film — framing a shot, keeping a subject in frame, a single frame of celluloid that is a snap shot of the complete moving picture.

I have always thought of RPGs in a cinematic fashion. When I was younger, sessions seemed like movies, but as I developed as a storyteller, games have become more like episodic television, with elaborate plots and subplots that play out, sometimes in the background of a “monster-of-the-week” session, but more often as the thrust of the narrative.

I frame the story around the players, of course, but the many of the moving pieces in the world transpire independently. I offer the party any number of carrots to move the story along. Just because they don’t eat some of them doesn’t mean there are no consequences for inaction.

That’s all I have time for today. We’re now at the halfway point in this year’s RPGaDay celebration. Each entry is a single frame that, when complete, creates a whole — a contained exploration of where the participant’s heads are at during 2020. With everything that’s going on (pandemic, social unrest, economic instability) it’s heartwarming to see the vast majority of posts be joyful expressions of the hobby, refusing to be mired in the weight of the politics of the day.

—Bob Freeman
Bordermen Games

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