#RPGaDay2020: Day 14 — Banner

2020 Info Graphic


banner /ˈbanər/: a flag on a pole used as the
standard of a monarch, army, or knight.

Middle English: from Old French baniere, ultimately
of Germanic origin and related to band

A banner is a sort of calling card. It identifies the bearer and shows their allegiance. In the modern world, the banner is your social media icon or corporate logo. Take Bordermen Games for instance. We have two:

Bordermen Games LogoBordermenBoo

The top iconography is our primary corporate symbol. It embodies the essence that our name seeks to invoke, depicting a Northern European Ranger, or Borderman, representing our heritage on many different levels.

The high school team-name in the small rural farming community we are from was the Bordermen, so called because the town, Converse, bordered, or was extremely near the borders, of four counties: Miami, Grant, Wabash, and Howard. The school was retired in the early 1960s, and until the 90s the elementary school I attended bore the Bordermen nom de guerre.

The symbolism within the image is important. Notice the raven head in the shadow folds of the hood? Every bit of it means something.

The second image was the first symbol designed for our company, devised while we were in the throes of creating our first (and still unpublished) RPG — Occult Detective: The Roleplaying Game. The cat is Boo, our first family pet, and the namesake of the familiar that serves my literary occult detective, Dr. Landon Connors. The eight pointed star represents the eight worlds beyond Midgard…

There are other subtle touches also, naturally, but I think you see my point.

The Boo icon is used on all Occult Detective related content, while the Bordermen banner flies over everything else. These are the banners which brand us, which separate us from other companies, that identify who we are. These symbols matter, just as they did when they flew from the standards of warring factions.

Here are some prominent gaming logos:

I’d like to think our banners looks right at home beside theirs…

—Bob Freeman
Bordermen Games


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