No Quarter Session 31 — Spellbound

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Ostara 26, 2020AU
Beneath Wolfgrave Park in the village of Clell Duko

Agreeing to an alliance, Sir Edmund of House Stewart and Sir Byron of House Fletcher followed the vampire, Dalv Lucard, out of the crypt, heading into the labyrinthine corridors of the undercity of the dead. As they climbed the stair, approaching the ingress hall, Lucard motioned for them to stop. Someone or something was lying in wait at the top of the climb.

“Come forth,” Lucard hissed and the two knights were stunned to see Marryn Hunter step into the light, bow drawn on them.

Marryn Hunter“Bloody hell,” she said, lowering her weapon. “I’ve been searching for you lads for days.” She eyed them carefully, taking curious note of her compatriots’ undead associate. “Where’s Arthur?” she asked.

“We fear he is lost,” Byron replied. “Bad magic,” Edmund added.

“I see,” she said, allowing for a moment of sadness to weigh on her before getting to the business at hand. “I’ve brought you a gift, by edict of Ulric Hawkmoor himself.” Looking over her shoulder, she called out, “Brother.”

Answering his sister’s summons, Jameson Hunter stepped from the shadows. Clad in a hooded leather trench, with an Archer longbow and sword on his back, he appeared spry and unnaturally light on his feet.

“By Ducal Command, I am to travel with you to the north, to see to the security of the Keep on the Borderlands, access the situation, and await further orders.”

dalv“Welcome aboard then,” Byron said, offering his hand. Dalv smiled. “Excellent, then he shall be sworn to our little pact then and see me returned to my rightful place, in Mortainne?”

It was Hunter’s turn to smile. “Perhaps,” Jameson said, then he and his sister joined them in their hunt for the cabal of sorcerous priests responsible for raising the dead in Wolfgrave Park — four because of duty, one for revenge.

Approaching the great hall where Edmund had spied their prey earlier, the party overheard the anger of what was, presumably, the high priest. He ordered the interlopers brought before him, to be sacrificed on the altar, and he wanted the vampire found at once.

cultistthug2With little time, Edmund and Byron hid in the nearby secret room, Jameson and Marryn buried themselves in corpses to mask their presence, and the vampire became invisible. When the undead sentries began their search, the companions fell on them quickly, making short work of these foes, and taking a page from Dalv, beheaded them so they would not rise again.

The undead minions may have been little more than fodder, but the two priests that accompanied them were more resilient. Still, they were forced back, until reinforcements came — more priests wielding dangerous magic.

But still they fell. With three Archer longbows, a murderous vampire, and the lance of House Stewart working in unison, even magic becomes but a minor obstacle to overcome, even when Edmund succumbed to their mental ensnarement. Jameson and Marryn worked in tandem, keeping the priests occupied, while Dalv practiced deadly patience. A well placed arrow from Byron saw Edmund’s defiler to an early grave. Once freed, Stewart quickly grappled the remaining priest and buried his blade into the profane scholar.

Surrounded by vanquished foes, the vampire filled himself with their blood, even as more priests descended upon them. “Good,” Lucard hissed. “Let them come. I’ve not yet had my fill.”

to be continued

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