#RPGaDay2020: Day 11 — Stack

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I don’t give these prompts a lot of thought, to be honest. I try to just roll with the first thing that pops into my head. Sometimes several things pop into my head at once and that makes things a bit more challenging.

Today’s prompt, stack, was bothersome because I had one image in my head that I just couldn’t shake — that of mountainous stacks of hay in the loft of my grandparents’ dilapidated old barn.

I logged a lot of hours in that hay loft. Growing up on a horse farm in the midwest, if there’s one thing you do a lot of, it’s toss hay. You bail it, then stack it on a wagon, then toss it into the loft and stack it there. Later, you toss it back down to feed to the livestock, and the cycle repeats…

Despite the intensive labor, hay lofts are great playgrounds for a kid, and I always tried to invent new ways of stacking the hay, to try and go higher without them toppling over.

But all of this has little to do with RPGs…

I could talk about stacking abilities and skill checks or advantage/disadvantage. I could talk about the stacks of rpg materials, manuals, modules, etc I’ll never use or play, or all of the rpg magazines stacked from floor to ceiling, or worse yet, the stacks of board games that I have collected just for the minis inside…

But all that borders on depressing (or awesome, depending on my mood).

All that, and all I can focus on is hay. Stacks and stacks of hay.

Imagined stacks of hay feed the livestock in our games, provide places of concealment for our band of adventurers, also a comfortable bed for a long rest. Stacks of hay, particularly when in mounds, provide a soft landing when falling from a castle wall, bails can be stacked to create a makeshift stair, and so much more.

Maybe I’m just punch drunk. We lost power last night (it’s still out some fourteen hours later) and I didn’t get much sleep. so here i am, writing a blog, and daydreaming about stacks of hay.

How about that?

—Bob Freeman
Bordermen Games

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