#RPGaDay2020: Day 10 — Want

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I bet you’re going to see a lot of “what I want from an rpg” posts today. That’s sort of where I was settling in too, until I realized you’ll be reading several dozens of those, if you’re making the rounds and scoping out what other RPGaDayers are getting on about.

So rather than blogging what I want from an rpg, I instead was going to write a brief missive on what I don’t want, but that turned out to be too politically charged.

Who would have thought such a simple word could turn so volatile?

I guess that is reflective of the cabin pandemic fever and social unrest we’re experiencing in the US, and it’s spilling over into our roleplaying fantasies.

What do I want then? I want to have fun. I want to escape from the weight of real world drama and politics and virtue signalling and what have you and submerge myself into a fantasy world of my own making, where there are life and death struggles with sword or spell at hand.

I want to play a game that does not dictate that current political hot topics be encoded in the bloody game. I want each table to decide what the boundaries are.

I want to roll dice. I want to immerse myself into a role (or several).

I just want to play   (insert favorite game here)   without all the pandering and safe space nonsense.

There’s room enough for everyone. No political or social affiliation should take precedence over another within the ruleset. Let the table decide what’s right for those sitting around it.

—Bob Freeman



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