#RPGaDAY2020: Day 9 — Light (& Dark)

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For today’s word prompt, Light, I thought I would dust off a mechanic we devised for our, as yet, unpublished Occult Detective: The Roleplaying Game. That mechanic, or concept, is Light and Dark.

Light and Dark are opposing forces, crudely defined as good and evil, though that is often a matter of debate. For our purposes, Light and Dark represent positive and negative forces oft utilized in magic.

Light magic might be defined as selfless, while Dark magic selfish. One heals, the other destroys. In turn, there are Gray areas of magic, forces called upon that serve to bridge such black and white definitions.

Every Protagonist has a Light and Dark statistic. For most it begins balanced, 4 points split evenly. These points can be used to influence dice rolls. Light points are used to help. Dark points are used to hinder.

You can spend one Light point to generate Good Karma for yourself or an ally on one specific roll of the dice. You can spend one Dark point to generate Bad Karma for an adversary in a similar fashion

In magical practice, Light and Dark represent spell points, representing the powers one has at their command. Each spell has a Light or Dark cost equal to the level of spell being cast.

You regain spent Light and Dark points after an eight hour rest, all Rest rules apply.

The Occult Detective RPG, which has been in various stages of development and playtesting now for years, was poised to be wrapped up and finally released when an opportunity arose that we simply couldn’t resist — the opportunity to design and publish an RPB/Boardgame hybrid for a major Intellectual Property. It has been a dream come true, and we’re excited to share the property and the game with everyone in 2021, most likely in the second quarter.

Once we’ve successfully launched that project, we will devote our time to finally getting Occult Detective out of development and into the world.


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