#RPGaDay2020: Day 8 — Shade

2020 Info Graphic


One of the more interesting entities we’ve been developing in our dFEAT System™ is a Shade, an undead creature, raised from death to haunt the world once more. A Shade, or sgàil in the mother tongue, reflects but a mere shadow of life. It bears closest similarities to the Norse concept of the draugr.

The Shade has shattered memories of its former life, but possesses the same skill-sets it had while amongst the living. Some abilities are diminished, while others are enhanced. Obviously, they can be very dangerous and hard to turn or kill.

Unlike their more powerful counterpart, the Revenant, Shades are far more vulnerable in that they immediately begin to decompose, eventually, over time, crumbling into a pile of bones. The length of time for this to occur is largely dependent on climate and general wear and tear.

The Shade is most often created by a necromancer, beginning with the third tier Necromancy spell, found in our dFEAT System™ of games.

Necromancy III
Tier 3
Prerequisite: Necromancy II

Once after every long rest, you may perform an hour long ritual and spend 3 points of stamina to animate the corpse of a dead creature within 30 ft of you. The corpse cannot have been dead for more than three days. The animated creature has the statistics of a Shade, and is under your complete control, following the letter of your verbal commands. The corpse remains animated until it is slain, you die, or you animate a new corpse with this spell. You must have two free hands and the ability to speak in order to cast this spell.

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